Why Does Collagen Make My Joints Hurt?

Nov 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

Collagen is a healthy protein that plays an important duty in our bodies, offering framework as crema para varices variquit well as support to different cells, including our cardioton caps joints. Nonetheless, for some individuals, collagen might in fact add to joint discomfort and pain. In this write-up, we will certainly check out the reasons behind why collagen could make your joints hurt and also discuss potential remedies to reduce this problem.

Understanding Collagen

Collagen is one of the most plentiful healthy protein in our bodies, accounting for around 30% of our total healthy protein material. It is a vital element of our connective tissues, consisting of those discovered in our skin, bones, tendons, as well as tendons. Collagen supplies strength as well as flexibility, ensuring the appropriate performance of these cells.

Within our joints, collagen composes a considerable portion of the cartilage, which serves as a pillow as well as promotes smooth activity. Cartilage material is essential for keeping joint wellness and also avoiding bone-on-bone friction.

As we age, our bodies naturally create much less collagen, which can lead to joint discomfort as well as enhanced threat of conditions like osteo arthritis. For that reason, lots of people resort to collagen supplements or include collagen-rich foods right into their diet plan to sustain joint health and wellness.

Collagen and also Joint Discomfort

While collagen is typically beneficial for joint health and wellness, there are circumstances where it might add to joint pain and pain. This is usually seen in individuals with details underlying conditions or sensitivities. Right here are some reasons collagen could make your joints injured:

  • Autoimmune Conditions: Certain autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, take place when the immune system erroneously attacks the body’s very own tissues. In these situations, collagen can trigger an inflammatory action, resulting in joint pain.
  • Allergies: Some individuals may be sensitive or sensitive to certain sorts of collagen, such as bovine or marine collagen. Allergies can cause joint discomfort, swelling, as well as rigidity.
  • Overstimulation of Swelling: In particular cases, the introduction of excess collagen via supplements or injections might overstimulate the body’s inflammatory feedback, causing joint pain.

Handling Collagen-Induced Joint Pain

If you experience joint pain after taking collagen supplements or taking in collagen-rich foods, it is necessary to deal with the concern successfully. Here are some prospective options to handle collagen-induced joint discomfort:

  • Speak with a Medical Care Expert: If you suspect that collagen is triggering your joint pain, it is suggested to consult with a medical care specialist. They can assess your situation, perform essential tests, as well as supply suitable support.
  • Attempt Different Sorts Of Collagen: If you are sensitive or sensitive to a specific sort of collagen, take into consideration trying options. There are different resources of collagen available, including bovine, aquatic, and also plant-based options.
  • Decrease Collagen Consumption: If you are taking collagen supplements, it may be practical to decrease the dose or frequency. Sometimes, a reduced intake can still supply benefits without setting off joint pain.
  • Check Out Other Joint Assistance Alternatives: There are countless alternate treatments and joint support choices offered that do not involve collagen. These consist of physical therapy, hot/cold therapy, and also non-prescription pain relievers.


Collagen is a vital healthy protein for preserving joint health and plays an essential role in our bodies. Nevertheless, in certain situations, collagen can add to joint pain and pain. Understanding the reasons behind this problem as well as discovering remedies customized to your details circumstance can aid ease collagen-induced joint pain. Remember to speak with a healthcare professional to receive exact guidance as well as guidance.


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