5 Things to NEVER Say to Bisexual Couples

Nov 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

Bi couples get asked a number of really improper things—and it needs to AVOID.

Individuals say unusual items to couples that simply don’t fit the «norm,» actually within queer communities. From
lesbian partners
queer interracial partners
, we commonly asked some quite nosy questions that direct lovers do not suffer from. Since bisexual folks face unique struggles with respect to things like
and social support, it makes sense that bisexual


would also have distinctive frustrations. More and more people still don’t believe that bisexuality is actually an actual, and legitimate, identification, so they really have difficulties believing that bisexual connections are legitimate. But, well, they’re.

Thus why don’t we debunk several things you should *never* tell a bi couple, shall we?

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1. «So you’re both merely homosexual, right?»

Bi folks are bi no matter just who we are dating. Even when the bi couple is made up of people of alike sex, that doesn’t mean they’re suddenly a lesbian or gay few. Bi people? Bi few.

2. «how will you maybe not get jealous of all of the of their pals?»

Ah, the
slutty stereotype
. Even though some bi folks are naughty and happy with it, many people cannot value having damaging brands pressured upon them. Maybe you’re vulnerable inside commitment and then have envy conditions that result stress between you and your partner’s friends, but that is a personal issue, perhaps not a representation of how all relationships purpose. Thus no, bi people do not limit their particular partners simply because they have been bi.

3. «Is this simply a phase?»

Bear in mind how exactly we completely detest when queer men and women are expected if they’re simply dealing with a phase? Ditto applies to bisexual men and women. Sexuality is actually liquid, so we may ID as bi today and pan later, or bi now and gay later, or bi now and forever… there is method to foresee it. And it must not matter to a stranger, anyhow.

4. «But I thought you dated [insert-gender-here]?»

This might be a brilliant uncomfortable thing that takes place a large amount with bisexual lovers. Maybe you outdated guys for a few many years, or ladies for several years, or non-binary individuals for several decades, so now that you are dating largely folks of another sex, some people are completely tossed off. They could are determined your sex mainly based off of whom you had been dating instead of, well, your own sex. But remember—who we date doesn’t decide if we’re bi or otherwise not. It is simply whom the audience is.

5. «Could You Be 80/20? 60/40? 90/10?»

Some bi folks enjoy playing the figures online game of «just how Bi are you presently?» They ask which percent of you ID’s as interested in males, and which % is actually drawn to ladies. Not simply does this completely erase non-binary and gender nonconforming folks, but it’s in addition shameful in case you are a person who can be like, I don’t know,


? Its amazing that such figures bring understanding to the fact that becoming bi isn’t constantly about becoming 50/50, but flipping some one into an equation is rarely a good telephone call.


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